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Ruby on Rails
Railsconf Europe 2006
  • Looking for a competitive advantage?

  • Batchelor Associates build systems to help you run your business the way you would like it to run, placing important information at your fingertips, reducing repetitive tasks and duplication of effort.
  • Database Systems
  • Batchelor Associates design and build FileMaker database systems for a wide variety of businesses, ranging from small business systems to databases used by workgroups within large corporates. We also undertake development on existing FileMaker systems, including conversions to FileMaker 9. We are associate members of the Filemaker Business Alliance (FBA).
  • In addition to building Filemaker databases, we also work with SQL databases, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL and Sybase ASA using Servoy as a front-end.
  • We currently work in the following areas: headhunting, short-term letting, advertising sales, lead generation, fashion, book publishing, magazine publishing, worksheets/billing, retail and subscription management.
  • Dynamic Websites
  • We develop fast-loading dynamic database-driven websites using Ruby on Rails, with PostgreSQL and MySQL as backend databases.
  • Workflow Automation
  • We help automate repetitive tasks, typically within the design and publishing companies, by developing Apple- or Ruby-OSA scripts on Mac OSX.