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Wildy & Sons


Batchelor Associates: Database screenshot

Wildy & Sons, a leading independent legal bookseller, was established in 1830 at their present location in Lincoln's Inn Archway. They also have a second bookshop at 16 Fleet Street EC4, to cater for their City clients.

Wildy’s aim is to ‘[equip their experienced] staff in both bookshops are with all the necessary technology to deal with the ever increasing demands of the 21st. century’, ‘whilst retaining the charm, atmosphere, traditions and personal service of a bygone and gentler age’. ‘The key objective for our online bookshop is to retain this unique ambience whilst also providing all the products and services required by our customers, whether students, practitioners or professional information specialists’.

The new wildy web site was launched in October 2004 and is based on the latest technologies such as XHML and CSS. The site uses a liquid layout – the pages will shrink or expand to use the width available.

Wildy web site screen shot

Wildy wanted to be able to make frequent changes to the web site, so we designed a front end to allow this using Servoy. Most aspects of the web site can be changed in-house when needed using this editorial system.

The system is currently being expanded to manage all aspects of running the bookshop.

FileMaker database systems

Since the systems we are working on contain custom business logic and confidential client data we are unable to show current work on the web. If you would like to see one of our databases in action, we can arrange a visit to one of our clients.